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(o/b)NSC Elite monoflap 17", B block, W



Seat Size:  17"

Width: W

Colour: Black

Leather: Buffalo

Fill: Wool flocked 

Serial Number: N3048 (Stamped incorrectly as  17.5, C block)

Tree: Wooden

Condition: Excellent, has small wear marks on the flap.

The Elite Monoflap was one of the most loved saddles in the NSC dressage range for fit and feel for exceptional performance.

With the close contact feel riders love, short flaps for maximum leg contact, this saddle was made with 3 block sizes, A (Large), B (Med) and C (Small) blocks,  this saddle is great for the rider who doesn’t want the saddle to dictate their position.

The Elite Mono's shape is ergonomically designed to allow you to find your optimal position without being ‘trapped’ by your saddle. The regular flap length is shorter than traditional long European types, to allow the NZ rider to have more leg on the horse, and a short flap is available for the shorter rider. This saddle is designed for the warmblood shaped backs, with a medium to low wither shape and a medium curve to flatter back.

SKU: 10000-17-2-1-2 TAGS: Secondhand Saddles, On Behalf Saddles

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