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Auckland Saddle Fit is tailoring comfort for you and your horse. 
Holistic Saddle Fitter and Society of Master Saddlers Qualified & Registered.


Saddle Fitting & Accessories

Schedule an appointment for an existing saddle check with our holistic fitter or explore new options.

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We offer a range of saddles and accessories for you, your horse and your budget.

Why choose us?

Holistic Fitter

Unparalleled expertise to the art and science of saddle fitting.


Assessment and rebalance all Brands of saddles.


Empowering you with the knowledge to maintain that harmony.


Extensive experience, including international exposure.

Trial Library

“Try before you buy” with top brands and research based accessories.


Expert Saddle Fitter

We delve into the relationship between your horse's physique and the saddle's shape, size, style, and features.

Additionally, we take into account what's placed under the saddle, as well as the rider's position in motion.

Equine & rider comfort

A well-fitted saddle ensures that the tree and panels adeptly distribute the rider's weight during motion, preserving the horse's back from undue pressure.

The rider's comfort is equally important – a proper fit allows you to harmonise with your horse's movement while your joints absorb shocks without strain.

Empowering through education

Learn about fitting issues, when a fitting is needed, and how to address minor adjustments yourself to maintain a harmonious saddle fit.


Explore our collection of educational videos that provide insights into our approach during fitting appointments. Make sure to check out our FAQs as well.

A properly fitted saddle goes beyond aesthetics; it's about harmony, balance, and performance.


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Christine Peart, holistic saddle fitter in Auckland


Your Holistic Saddle Fitter

With almost decade of experience and qualifications recognised by the Society of Master Saddlers, Christine’s holistic approach brings unparalleled expertise to the art and science of saddle fitting.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies)

  • Society of Master Saddlers Qualification in Saddle Fit

  • Saddle Flocking & Flocking Adjustment Qualified

  • SaddleFit4Life Certified Equine Ergonomist

"Still buzzing"

"Still buzzing at the difference in Garry today with the more suitable sized saddle. Appreciate all your help and expertise. Just goes to show the slightest change can make a world of difference. Hence the importance of using an experienced saddle fitter who looks at the whole picture - the holistic overview"

Sue Malley

"Clearly a specialist"

"Very professional and personable. Christine made the whole experience a pleasure. She was clearly a specialist, but also able to share her knowledge with my daughter, her coach, and I - each at different knowledge levels. She never skipped a beat and in addition, our saddle was ready for pickup that same day!"

Amélie Tomkins


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