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Welcome to our blog, where equestrian insights and valuable articles come together. Explore a collection of posts that offer a wealth of knowledge, covering saddle fitting tips, equine care, and industry insights.

Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to the world of equestrianism, our blog is here to inspire and inform, helping you elevate your riding experience.


From the Blog

FAQ's about the Tapestry Comfort Girth

With all girths it is so important that the girth isn't over-tightened. The elastic in our girth is meant to help the horse breathe and relax so it's paramount to not over-tighten it. We have a greatRead more

Lets talk about Topline

If you haven't worked with a saddle fitter before, you may think that we just focus on the saddle, but this isn't the case (life would be easier if it was). Previously we have talked about girthingRead more

Scharf - The Freedom Girth (Features Data Sheet)

The exclusive design of the Scharf Freedom Girth, was designed such that each part of it, work with a particular muscle of the chest without  interfering with the free functioning of other muscle.Read more

Correct Girth Fitting - A Key Issue for Overall Comfort of the Horse

There is a growing interest in the topic of anatomical bridles, bits, and girths, along with increased rider awareness of the importance of correct fit to meet the needs of both horse and rider. AndRead more

How does the Winderen Saddle Half Pad Work?

Horse riding is one of the few sports in which two living beings interact, and each movement of the one has a direct impact on the other. The pillars of this collaboration are mutual trust andRead more

Winderen Stirrups - Unrivaled Shock Absorption

Riding is a discipline that is primarily based on the cooperation of the horse and rider. The rider's legs play a key role in communication with the horse, as their stable and correct placement inRead more

About ThinLine

Not just the next saddlepad!  ThinLine incorporates a unique, open-cell technology which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad without compressing. The result is 95% shockRead more

ThinLine Technology

Historically, equine products work on a compression basis, meaning they compress then spring back or, like gel, move away from pressure. What makes ThinLine unique is its technology. ThinLine is anRead more


This is quite a complicated subject and a topic that many people have a varied view on. The overview of girthing is that it is what we use to hold the saddle onto the horse's back. So why is it soRead more

Pravin's Stirrup Leathers

Elevate Your Riding Experience Looking to improve your riding experience? Look no further than Pravin's Stirrup Leathers. Our stirrup leathers are designed to offer both style and comfort, andRead more

Tapestry Girths

Looking for a girth that can provide unmatched comfort, exceptional quality, and improved performance for you and your horse? Look no further than Tapestry Girths. These innovative girths areRead more

Sedelogic Saddle Pads

Are you looking for a saddle pad that provides the ultimate comfort and protection for both you and your horse? Look no further than Sedelogic Saddle Pads. Our innovative saddle pads are designedRead more

A properly fitted saddle goes beyond aesthetics; it's about harmony, balance, and performance.


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Your saddle fitting queries answered

What brand of saddles do you fit?

Auckland Saddle Fit works with all brands of saddles. A saddle is assessed by the shape and size of it's tree and panel, and whether it can work for the shape of the horse and rider. Wool and Cair panels offer the more adjustability, but latex panels can be rebalanced with the use of shim pads.

How often should my saddle be fitted?

Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) recommend that as a 'gold standard' saddles should be fitted every 6 months.

Some combinations will need a fitting on a more regular basis (shared saddles between horses or heavy workloads), and others may only need annual checks. Auckland Saddle Fit recommends taking regular weight measurements around the girth area to check for weight/ muscle/ age/ work related changes, to help indicate when a fitting is due.

Why is a saddle fitting important?

A saddle fitting is similar to a car service. We want to address any small changes that could cause a problem, before they start. A well fitting saddle keeps the hard parts of the tree off the sensitive parts of the horse. It also keeps the riders weight kindly distributed throughout the tree and panel. When the balance changes, the saddle can start to move/rock and cause painful pressure points.

Saddle fittings are also used to pick out suitable saddle choices when you change your horse, or need a new (or new to you) saddle for an existing horse.

Don't forget, saddle fitting also incorporates how the rider fits in the saddle.

Can I share one saddle between two horses?

If the saddle is a suitable choice for both horses, then the answer is Yes. The widest horse is the one that must be fitted to, and then shim pads can be used to balance and fit the saddle to the second horse.

What is a good fit for the horse?

A good fit for the horse allows the tree and panels to distribute the riders weight in motion as kindly as possible, and protects the sensitive areas of the horses back.

What is a good fit for the rider?

A good fit for the rider keeps your body as still as possible to stay with the horses movement, and allows your joints to absorb shock without being damaged.


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