'Saddle fitting for you and your horse'

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Qualified Society of Master Saddlers Saddle Fitter

 Auckland Saddle Fit is more than just providing a saddle fitting, it is also about educating you.  I have a holistic overview on saddle fitting, and can help provide answers in challenging saddle fits.

I can assess and rebalance all brands of saddle (so long as the saddle is a suitable choice) with wool or Cair panels, and am able to work with latex/ foam panels to provide advice and improve the fit as needed. I also take into account how the saddle works for the rider, and any influence external factors have on the fit.

Providing a holistic overview of your saddle fitting,  Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies),  SMS Qualification in Saddle Fit ,  Qualification in Saddle Flocking and Flocking Adjustment, and currently working towards being a Certified Equine Ergonomist with SaddleFit4Life, ensuring the fit is as sympathetic and comfortable for you and your horse. 

Interested in knowing more? Our Educational videos provide some insight into what Auckland Saddle Fit considers during your fitting appointment. 

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