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Auckland Saddle Fit's Brand Ambassadors

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Riding Excellence and Honest Feedback in Action

At Auckland Saddle Fit, our team of brand ambassadors play a crucial role. These riders provide invaluable open and honest feedback, even if it means saying "No" when something isn't right for them or their horse. Their input is essential for our ongoing professional growth in this industry.

They are happy to explore new ideas to make sure you and your horse get the most current information, and the best problem solving techniques that work.

The team all owned their own NSC saddles before getting a sponsorship - so you know they believe in what they use. They have had saddle fittings for years, because they know it makes a difference in the horses comfort and helps achieve optimal performance.


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Tors Rattray

Tors (Victoria) Rattray is part of the family owned and run business Cheleken Equestrian. Tors has competed throughout most disciplines as a child, but her favourite is Show Jumping, where she is a well-known, tough, competitor.

Some of her favourite horses are ones the Cheleken bred, with her career highlight being able to work with Horses everyday and the spoils of that is enjoying success in the competition arena and the wonderful people that have been met along the way

"Cheleken has been with NSC for over 15 years. The team at NSC has provided us with sound knowledge, expert advice and a great range of saddles to ensure our horses are always comfortable in their work.
Quality saddle fit is essential for both horse and rider to be balanced, work in partnership together and enjoy all types of ridden activities. Christine has been part of the team for over 4 years, and makes sure my team has their saddles rebalanced to suit their individual needs."

Photo Credit: Cheleken Photograpy


Beth Wilson

Beth Wilson competes as a 4* eventer. This season she has a list of achievements behind her including her highlight of winning the 2019/2020 Young Rider Series and being selected for the ESNZ Talent Development Squad on Alto et Aldax.

“I have been incredibly fortunate to be a brand ambassador with NSC for just over 2 years. Throughout this time, Christine has regularly fitted my existing saddles and has fitted me and each of my horses with some truly beautifully fitting new saddles.
Having regular saddle fittings has meant my horses are comfortable under their saddles to ensure they can preform at their optimum level. Having a correctly fitted saddle enhances my position, the effectiveness of my aids, and gives me the best security possible in the saddle on my various horses.“

Photo Credit: John Barnfield.


Ashleigh McKinstry

Ashleigh McKinstry competes as a 4* eventer on her homebred horses. She represented NZ twice as a young rider (under 21's) and spent several years on the ESNZ eventing squads.

"I have been part of the NSC team for 10 years now and Christine has been saddle fitting for me and my horses for the past 4 years.
Some of my career highlights such as Puhinui 3day championship 4* win, Puhinui 3day championship 3*win and the One Day championship 3* win, wouldn’t have been possible without good fitting saddles.
I believe that having regular saddle fitting and adjustments as the horses build up, fill out and their fitness changes, is vital. A poorly fitting saddle will make horses unnecessarily uncomfortable and effect their wellbeing, performance, behaviour and will even effect rider balance."

Photo Credit: Belinda Pratt


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"Still buzzing"

"Still buzzing at the difference in Garry today with the more suitable sized saddle. Appreciate all your help and expertise. Just goes to show the slightest change can make a world of difference. Hence the importance of using an experienced saddle fitter who looks at the whole picture - the holistic overview"

Sue Malley

"Clearly a specialist"

"Very professional and personable. Christine made the whole experience a pleasure. She was clearly a specialist, but also able to share her knowledge with my daughter, her coach, and I - each at different knowledge levels. She never skipped a beat and in addition, our saddle was ready for pickup that same day!"

Amélie Tomkins


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