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About Auckland Saddle Fit


Holistic Saddle Fitter

My commitment to education means you'll not only leave with a well-fitted saddle, but also with the knowledge to maintain that comfort and harmony.

My Journey

I have been affiliated with NSC since 2015 when I began my formal saddle fitter training to become qualified through the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS), in the UK. To compliment this I also attended a SaddleFit4Life Equine Ergonomist course in Melbourne in 2019.

My commitment to continual learning is reflected in my ongoing registration and upskilling within the field.

Experience and Insight

I have been fortunate enough to work 'on the bench' alongside some top saddle makers in Walsall, UK. This has provided me with some simple repair skills and gained invaluable insight into the intricacies of saddle construction and repair.

This hands-on experience enables me to understand not only how saddles are built, but how they interact with both rider and horse. My holistic approach considers the unique needs of both, ensuring a harmonious fit.

I can assess and rebalance all brands of saddles (so long as the saddle is a suitable choice) with wool or Cair panels, and am able to work with latex/foam panels to provide advice and improve the fit as needed. I also take into account how the saddle works for the rider, and any influence external factors have on the fit.

Education and Qualifications

I have a holistic overview on saddle fitting, and can offer solutions for complex fitting situations.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Equine Studies)

  • Society of Master Saddlers Qualification in Saddle Fit

  • Qualification in Saddle Flocking and Flocking Adjustment

  • Certified Equine Ergonomist with SaddleFit4Life


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Christine is one of six fitters in New Zealand with a Society of Master Saddlers Qualification.


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Brand Ambassadors

At Auckland Saddle Fit, our team of brand ambassadors play a crucial role. These riders provide invaluable open and honest feedback, even if it means saying "No" when something isn't right for them or their horse. Their input is essential for our ongoing professional growth in this industry.


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