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(o/b) Michael Whitaker Jump, 16" Adj

Michael Whitaker


Seat Size:  16

Width: Narrow (Adjustable with Bates gullet plates)

Colour: Black

Leather: printed solid

Fill: Wool

Tree: Plastic

Serial Number:  030305747

Condition: Tidy, age-related sun fading, and the leather is in the process of having a few oils to help restore the colour.

Michael Whitaker's popular jump saddle in the UK, is available. A little gem of a saddle, med-deep seat, forward flap, wide channel. Suits horses with flatter back to small curve. A more open saddle so great for riders who like a bit more space. Wool flocked panel allows this to be adjusted to your horses back shape, and the gullet can be swapped over by a saddler or saddle fitter (but it requires unstitching the panel).

SKU: 10000-17-3-1-2 TAGS: Secondhand Saddles, On Behalf Saddles

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