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Tack Hire NZ


Explore the convenience of top-tier tack without the commitment.

Auckland Saddle Fit brings you a hassle-free Tack Hire service in NZ through our extensive Trial Library. Elevate your riding experience with the finest equestrian gear, available for hire to riders across New Zealand.


Try Before You Buy Program

Take advantage of our "Try Before You Buy" program, allowing you to experience the quality and fit of our tack items for a full 7 days. This unique program ensures that you can make an informed decision before committing to a purchase, giving you the confidence that you've found the perfect match for you and your horse.

Experience premium tack hire with Auckland Saddle Fit, featuring renowned brands and research-backed products.


The Ultimate Try-Before-You-Buy Service

Our Tack Hire process is designed to be seamless. Simply browse our Trial Library, select the tack items you need, and enjoy a week of riding with premium gear. If you decide it's the perfect fit, you have the option to purchase the item after the trial period.

We have a wide selection of tack from girths, leathers, pads, stirrups, and more from top brands like Tapestry, Pravins, Thinline, NSC, Sedelogic, Windren and Scharf. All our horse tack is of high quality, well cared for, and clean for your peace of mind.


Our prices are fair and transparent. You only pay for the tack hire fee plus postage. No extra costs or deposits.

And if you fall in love with the item and want to make it yours, you can buy it at the end of the hire period.

Just let us know and we will send you a bill with the remaining amount.

How do I get started?

To start your trial, just browse our tack items, pick the one you like, and add it to your cart and checkout. 

We will send your item within 24 hours and give you a tracking number.

Once you get your item, you can have fun using it with your horse for the trial period. When the trial is over, just pack the item in its original box and send it back to us using the prepaid label.

Start Browsing.


Tack Hire by Category

Discover the freedom of choice with Tack Hire NZ at Auckland Saddle Fit. Unleash the potential of your rides with high-quality equestrian gear, all available for convenient and flexible hire.


Tapestry Girths

Looking for a girth that can provide unmatched comfort, exceptional quality, and improved performance for you and your horse? Look no further than Tapestry Girths. These innovative girths are designed to maximise your horse's comfort, ensuring an unparalleled riding experience. 

  • Unmatched Comfort for Your Horse

  • Optimal Pressure Distribution

  • Easy-to-Clean and Maintain

  • Customisable Fit and Style


Discover your perfect fit

Embark on a journey towards saddle comfort and performance. Schedule a professional saddle fitting session in Auckland and experience the harmony of a tailored fit for you and your equine partner.


"Still buzzing"

"Still buzzing at the difference in Garry today with the more suitable sized saddle. Appreciate all your help and expertise. Just goes to show the slightest change can make a world of difference. Hence the importance of using an experienced saddle fitter who looks at the whole picture - the holistic overview"

Sue Malley

"Clearly a specialist"

"Very professional and personable. Christine made the whole experience a pleasure. She was clearly a specialist, but also able to share her knowledge with my daughter, her coach, and I - each at different knowledge levels. She never skipped a beat and in addition, our saddle was ready for pickup that same day!"

Amélie Tomkins


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