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Stirrups for Sale NZ


Stirrups for Sale

Explore our premium selection of stirrups for sale, meticulously chosen for riders across New Zealand. At Auckland Saddle Fit, we prioritise quality, comfort, and performance, with features like:

  • Unrivaled shock absorption, confirmed by research

  • Double shock absorption system

  • Comfort and stability knee protection solution

Elevate your riding experience with our thoughtfully designed stirrups, ensuring your comfort and stability during rides.

Browse our Stirrups Collection

Explore our full range of stirrups, designed to meet the diverse needs of riders in NZ.

Elevate your riding with quality gear from Auckland Saddle Fit.

Winderen Stirrups


Importance of Quality Stirrups

Top-quality stirrups are crucial for a safe and comfortable riding experience. Crafted from durable materials, these stirrups ensure rider safety and prevent discomfort during long rides.

Advanced features like unrivaled shock absorption and a stable design contribute to enhanced performance and communication between rider and horse. 

Explore premium stirrups for sale for durability, comfort, and an overall improved riding experience for riders in NZ.


Brand Ambassadors

At Auckland Saddle Fit, our team of brand ambassadors play a crucial role. These riders provide invaluable open and honest feedback, even if it means saying "No" when something isn't right for them or their horse. Their input is essential for our ongoing professional growth in this industry.


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