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Sedelogic Ortho Pad (Trial Library)




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Suited for training and competitive English-style riding, this orthopedic saddle pad is beneficial for young and older horses with sensitive backs and poorly developed back muscles. 

The lightweight half pad can be used when fitting a standard saddle is difficult. It is pressure relieving, shock absorbing, and breathable to improve comfort, reduce moisture buildup, and prevent injury due to a poorly fitting saddle. 

In addition, it can relieve pain, soreness, and sensitivity. The durable material is 1 ply in front, 2 ply in the middle, and 3 ply in the back. In addition to protecting your horse, the Sedelogic therapeutic saddle pad is machine washable and quick drying.

The below ridden test shows that the addition of a Sedelogic Pad HALVES the pressure for the horse on landing, going from 65N/cm²(or roughly 4 times the pressure under an elephants leg) to 32 n/cm²

Research Data: Unparalleled Riding Experience

Data video: Pressure measurement during jumping

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