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Winderen saddle half pad dressage Comfort 18mm (Trial Library)




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The Winderen saddle half pad with Back Protect Solution technology was designed to make you feel relaxed in the saddle while protecting both your and your horse’s back. Five technologically advanced layers provide you with maximum comfort, stability and enhance your riding experience by connecting horse and rider in complete harmony.

Benefits for the horse

  • Perfect Fit - The significant spot pressure reduction and the even load distribution on the horse's back make your saddle fit properly.
  • Muscle Support - The muscles along your horse's back can now loosen and tighten much more easily during your everyday training sessions.
  • Movement - Your horse moves freely and easily in each gait.
  • Dynamically Reduced Pressure - The pressure on your horse’s back when taking off and landing during jumping is significantly reduced.

Benefits for the rider

  • Ergonomic Design - Your back muscles work more freely when riding and jumping.
  • Minimised Tension - You will suffer from much less back and neck pain after training sessions or competitions.
  • Saddle Stability - Minimised instability effect.

Research Data: How does the Winderen Saddle Half Pad Work?

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