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Winderen Knee Protect Stirrups / Violet / 560g (Trial Library)




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Winderen designed the Innovative stirrups Winderen Knee Protect Solution with kinetic energy absorber system in order to significantly reduce strain on the rider’s knee joints during riding, especially when jumping over fences. At the same time, Winderen Knee Protect Solution stirrups allow achieving an unusually solid and unchangeable foot position in the stirrup, which provides stable and comfortable lower leg application.

The concern of a solid and unchangeable foot position in the stirrup is faced by many riders. During research, it turned out that in most cases stirrups move or fall out because of micromovements in the rigid connection point of stirrup leather with the stirrup. The absorber-system, to a large extent, prevents that phenomenon, allowing the riders to feel a stable and comfortable leg position while jumping over fences and also during flat work. Simultaneously the stirrups significantly reduce the risk of shifting or losing a stirrup, leading to the loss of balance often caused by stiff stirrups.

Research Data:

Winderen Stirrups - Unrivaled Shock Absorption

Data Video:

Winderen Knee Protect Solution Stirrups - efficiency confirmed by scientific research

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