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Pravins Wide Single Piece Stirrup Leather (Trial Library)




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Are you looking for a comfortable and stable riding experience? Look no further than the Pravins Sellier Single Piece Stirrup Leathers! 

These leathers are made with high-quality chrome-tanned and pre-stretched leather, ensuring that they don’t twist and provide a seamless fit. They are designed to give a very high degree of stability for the rider, while conserving freedom of movement. The extra width provides a bigger base of support for your lower leg which helps you to gain better control over it and reduces swinging. This in turn allows you to focus on other parts of your position and takes pressure of other parts of the body that might be working to overcompensate. These leathers work with any stirrups and are suitable for jumping, general purpose saddles, and hacking.

Renowned French saddlers, Pravins Sellier, have developed these single piece stirrup leathers, which aid correct position, comfort, and stability. The quality is second to none, and they don’t twist or over-stretch. 

The leathers have been developed with several Olympic riders including Michel Robert and Philippe Rozier, who used the leathers in the Rio Olympics.

Please note that these leathers should not be oiled, balm, or conditioned. They will soften on their own through use. Clean occasionally with glycerine saddle soap if required.

Order your Pravins Sellier Single Piece Stirrup Leathers today and experience the difference!

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