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(o/b) Stubben Genesis Delux Jump with Biomex Seat 17.5, 31



Seat Size:  17.5

Width: 31 

Colour: Black

Leather: calf/ grippy

Fill: wool flocked

Serial Number: S256531 / 31

Tree: long tree points

Condition: Used but very tidy. It has some scuff marks on the cantle.

The Stubben genesis is a jumping saddle with a square cut cantle, whose structure and design is adapted according to the principles of modern jumping training as propagated by renowned show jumpers and instructors. The medium deep, extremely comfortable seat facilitates riding in the horse's centre of balance. Knee rolls and blocks are extra soft and in combination with the purpose-designed short front panel rib will admit direct and thus effective aids of the rider. The characteristic features of the saddle are its new look of the cantle area, its elegant contours and a new type of panel with an extensive, directly effective contact surface. In the De Luxe Model the saddle flap is covered with easy-grip upper leather which helps to stabilize the rider's leg.

The Stübben Biomex* seat cushions the seat bones with two kidney-shaped pads, which absorb impact and relieve spinal stress. In addition, the depression between the kidney-shaped pads also plays a crucial role, as it substantially lessens any possible pressure on the soft tissues surrounding the seat bones (see the oval areas on the diagrams below). In scientific comparisons with conventional saddles, seat pressure measurements at various gaits show that the Stübben Biomex* provides much greater relief in the seat bone area and the surrounding soft tissues.

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