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Pony Saddles for Sale NZ


Pony Saddles for Sale

Discover the perfect saddle for your young rider's companion with our collection of Pony Saddles for sale in NZ. At Auckland Saddle Fit, we prioritise comfort, safety, and a secure fit to ensure an enjoyable riding experience for young equestrians.

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Explore our full range of pony saddles for sale, designed to provide the perfect fit for young riders and their pony companions.

Elevate your pony riding experience with quality gear from Auckland Saddle Fit.

Pony Saddles

Explore the significance of a well-fitted pony saddle in providing stability and comfort for both young riders and their ponies.


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Embark on a journey towards saddle comfort and performance, crafted to suit the needs of young riders and their pony companions. Schedule a professional Pony Saddle fitting session with us at Auckland Saddle Fit.



Your Pony Saddle queries answered

What makes a saddle suitable for a pony?

Pony saddles are designed with shorter panels and a smaller seat to fit the proportions of ponies. The tree size is often adjusted to accommodate the unique conformation of ponies.

What size saddle does my child need for their pony?

The correct saddle size depends on the rider's size, not the pony's. A professional fitting considers the rider's seat size and leg length to ensure a comfortable and secure fit.

Are there different styles of pony saddles?

Yes, there are various styles of pony saddles, including all-purpose, close contact, and dressage. The choice depends on the rider's discipline and preferences.

Can a pony saddle be used on a horse?

While some pony saddles may fit smaller horses, it's generally recommended to use a saddle that matches the size and conformation of the horse. Our professional saddle fitter can help determine the best fit.

Do pony saddles come with safety features for young riders?

Some pony saddles may have safety features like integrated handlebars or knee rolls to provide extra support and security for young riders.

Why is a saddle fitting important?

A saddle fitting is similar to a car service. We want to address any small changes that could cause a problem, before they start. A well fitting saddle keeps the hard parts of the tree off the sensitive parts of the horse. It also keeps the riders weight kindly distributed throughout the tree and panel. When the balance changes, the saddle can start to move/rock and cause painful pressure points.

Saddle fittings are also used to pick out suitable saddle choices when you change your horse, or need a new (or new to you) saddle for an existing horse.

Don't forget, saddle fitting also incorporates how the rider fits in the saddle.

How often should a pony saddle be checked for fit?

It's advisable to check the fit of the pony saddle regularly, especially during periods of growth or changes in the pony's condition. A professional saddle fitting should be conducted at least once a year.

Auckland Saddle Fit recommends taking regular weight measurements around the girth area to check for weight/ muscle/ age/ work related changes, to help indicate when a fitting is due.


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