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Jump Saddles for Sale NZ


Jump Saddles for Sale

Embark on a thrilling equestrian journey with our collection of Jump Saddles for sale at Auckland Saddle Fit. Crafted for performance, style, and rider security, our jump saddles cater to the diverse needs of riders across NZ.

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Explore our full range of Jump Saddles for sale, carefully curated to meet the varied requirements of riders in NZ.

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Embark on a journey towards saddle comfort and performance, specifically tailored for the thrill and precision of jumping. Schedule a professional jumping saddle fitting session with us at Auckland Saddle Fit, and experience the harmony of a saddle fit crafted for you and your equine partner.



Your Jump Saddle queries answered

What makes a jump saddle different from other types of saddles?

Jump saddles are specifically designed for riders who engage in jumping disciplines. They typically have a forward-cut flap, allowing for a shorter stirrup length and providing the rider with more security during jumps.

What is the difference between a dressage and a jumping saddle?

A dressage saddle is designed to promote a balanced and secure seat, while a jumping saddle is designed to allow the rider to move more freely and maintain a secure position while jumping.

Can I use a jump saddle for other disciplines?

While jump saddles are designed for jumping, some riders find them versatile enough for flatwork as well. However, if you primarily focus on dressage or other disciplines, a saddle designed for that purpose might be more suitable.

How do I know if a jump saddle fits my horse correctly?

Proper fit is crucial. Ensure that the saddle's tree matches your horse's back shape, and there's enough clearance over the withers and spine. Consulting with our professional saddle fitter can help determine the right fit.

What features should I look for in a quality jump saddle?

Look for a secure seat, forward flap design, and supportive knee and thigh blocks. The saddle should allow freedom of movement for your horse and provide stability for the rider over jumps.

Why is a saddle fitting important?

A saddle fitting is similar to a car service. We want to address any small changes that could cause a problem, before they start. A well fitting saddle keeps the hard parts of the tree off the sensitive parts of the horse. It also keeps the riders weight kindly distributed throughout the tree and panel. When the balance changes, the saddle can start to move/rock and cause painful pressure points.

Saddle fittings are also used to pick out suitable saddle choices when you change your horse, or need a new (or new to you) saddle for an existing horse.

Don't forget, saddle fitting also incorporates how the rider fits in the saddle.

Can I share one saddle between two horses?

If the saddle is a suitable choice for both horses, then the answer is Yes. The widest horse is the one that must be fitted to, and then shim pads can be used to balance and fit the saddle to the second horse.

How often should I check the fit of my jump saddle?

Regularly assess the fit, especially if your horse undergoes changes in muscle development or conformation. It's advisable to have a professional saddle fitting at least once a year.

Auckland Saddle Fit recommends taking regular weight measurements around the girth area to check for weight/ muscle/ age/ work related changes, to help indicate when a fitting is due.

How do I care for my jumping saddle?

To care for your jumping saddle, it is important to clean and condition the leather regularly, as well as to keep the saddle stored in a dry, cool place. It is also important to have a professional check the fit of the saddle periodically to ensure it continues to fit your horse properly.

What is the significance of saddle balance in jumping disciplines?

Saddle balance is crucial in jumping as it affects the rider's position. A well-balanced jump saddle places the rider in the correct position for takeoff and landing, contributing to a more effective and comfortable jumping experience.


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