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Experience the epitome of elegance and functionality with our collection of Dressage Saddles for sale. Designed for precision, balance, and close contact, our dressage saddles ensure top-tier performance for riders in NZ.

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Discover the perfect harmony of style, comfort, and performance in our exquisite Dressage Saddle collection, meticulously curated for riders in NZ. 

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Your Dressage Saddle queries answered

What is the difference between a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle?

Dressage saddles are crafted to offer riders a close contact feel and optimal control during dressage movements, while jumping saddles feature a deeper seat and larger knee roll, providing riders with enhanced security during jumps.

How do I choose the right Dressage Saddle?

Selecting the right Dressage Saddle involves considering factors like rider position, horse conformation, and personal preferences. Our expert fitter can guide you through the process.

Why is a saddle fitting important?

A saddle fitting is similar to a car service. We want to address any small changes that could cause a problem, before they start. A well fitting saddle keeps the hard parts of the tree off the sensitive parts of the horse. It also keeps the riders weight kindly distributed throughout the tree and panel. When the balance changes, the saddle can start to move/rock and cause painful pressure points.

Saddle fittings are also used to pick out suitable saddle choices when you change your horse, or need a new (or new to you) saddle for an existing horse.

Don't forget, saddle fitting also incorporates how the rider fits in the saddle.

How do I properly fit a Dressage Saddle for my horse?

Ensuring a dressage saddle fits correctly is crucial for the comfort of the horse and the rider's capability to execute dressage movements. The saddle must be appropriately sized for the horse's back, offering sufficient clearance for the spine and withers, and the tree should match the width of the horse's shoulders.

Can I share one saddle between two horses?

If the saddle is a suitable choice for both horses, then the answer is Yes. The widest horse is the one that must be fitted to, and then shim pads can be used to balance and fit the saddle to the second horse.

What brands do you offer for Dressage Saddles?

We sell NSC Saddles, known for quality and craftsmanship, ensuring a premium riding experience.

What is the difference between a mono-flap and a double-flap Dressage Saddle?

A mono-flap dressage saddle features a single flap, whereas a double-flap dressage saddle has two flaps. Monoflap dressage saddles are known for offering closer contact between the rider and horse, while double-flap dressage saddles are considered to provide enhanced security.

How do I choose the right tree size for my horse in a Dressage Saddle?

Selecting the tree size depends on the horse's shoulder width, ensuring adequate clearance for the spine and withers. Our professional saddle fitter can assist in determining the appropriate tree size.

Can I use a Dressage Saddle for other disciplines, such as eventing or jumping?

Although a dressage saddle can serve in various disciplines, it lacks the specific design for the added security required in jumping. Eventing allows more versatility since it involves dressage and show jumping, but a dressage saddle may not be optimal for cross-country.

How often should I have my dressage saddle professionally checked for fit?

It is advisable to have a professional saddle fitting conducted at least annually or whenever there are alterations in the horse's conformation or muscle development. Auckland Saddle Fit recommends taking regular weight measurements around the girth area to check for weight/ muscle/ age/ work related changes, to help indicate when a fitting is due.

How do I properly care for and maintain my Dressage Saddle?

Ensuring the longevity of your dressage saddle requires regular care and maintenance. It's crucial to clean and condition the leather consistently, while also checking the tree for any signs of damage or wear. Proper storage involves keeping the saddle in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.


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