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(o/b) Wintec Pro CC 17"



Seat Size:  17

Width: M  (Adjustable) 
Colour: Black
Leather: Synthetic 
Fill: Cair
Serial Number: W 17 03 0775
Condition: Used but tidy.
This is a great entry-level little jump saddle. It's only had a little use since it was purchased a few years ago. 

It has a narrow twist, grippy seat and knee pads, with adjustable front & back blocks (only has fronts but back can be purchased), an adjustable gullet system, and Cair panels with a generous channel.

Standard girthing, front gussets and mod/ drop panel.

SKU: 10000-17-3-1-3 TAGS: Secondhand Saddles, On Behalf Saddles

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